Once upon a time, not so long ago, we entered a fairytale through the amazing delicacies and the tasty food at Byzantio taverna. If you find yourself in the colourful narrow streets of the picturesque Nafplio city, don't just walk by the fairytale land 'Byzantio'. It's the land of taste and good times! It's a well balanced combination of good service, affordable prices and incomparable quality of food.

Traditional Greek food, meat grilled on coal, delicious pasta, home-made soups, but also plates deriving from different areas of the Balkans which will please all your senses. Enjoy them while listening to live Greek music during weekends and holidays!

The best part of the story is yet to come: you don't have to wake up from this dream, taverna Byzantio is real! All you have to do is visit us in the old part of Nafplio, the first capital of Greece. We are open all day during the weekends and all evenings apart from Tuesdays but can open all days for special occasions.

Vasileos Alexandrou 15, Nafplio, 21100. Tel:(+30) 27520 21631 Fax:(+30) 27520 25630